Admission and Registration


The purpose of our admission policy is to effectively help you through the admission process, and to help you diagnose your child’s academic level. The more relevant information we have, the more effectively we will be able to achieve this.


The applicant would be required to submit the Admission Form to the Admission’s Department with the set of documents mentioned below Parents’ will be then called along with the student, for a written test in English and Math. On the same day the Principal of the school meets the parent/s and the student.


STEP - 1

Documents required for registration:


·        Transfer Certificate from the previous school. (starting from grade 2)

·        2 photos

·        A copy of EITHER the child’s birth certificate (Original) OR certified copy.

·        A copy of the family book.

·        Official copies of the student’s academic records for the past year.

·        Medical Record. (Grade1 + KG2 + KG1 + Nursery)


If a student is NOT a Jordanian citizen, then please provide:

·         A Photocopy of the child’s passport.


If a student comes from outside Jordan:

the student’s academic records for the past year and their transfer papers must be certified from:

·        Amid East – Amman.

·        The Ministry of education – examination’s department – Amman.

·        Directorate of education – private education -  irbid.



Once your application is received, the admission process will begin. Your child’s age

will give the initial indication as to the appropriate class, and theadmission test will either

confirm this or lead to further assessment.



Admission Test


If the student register for the first time, he/ she must set for an admission test.

This will reflect what we expect a child to be able to do by the end of the

preceding school year, though those who are seeking admission in the second semester will

be assessed using learning objectives from the current year of study.


We prefer to meet students personally and discuss their interests and academic

progress. This process is also essential for those who have found the admission tests difficult, for we would want to carry out a further assessment in order to place the student in the appropriate class. If possible, we like to meet both parents as well.


--After the test and the interview, you can reserve a seat, registration fee = 250 JOD paid only once (nonrefundable).





Entering KG 1, 4 years old– born in 2012

Entering KG 2, 5 years old – born in 2011

Entering Class 1, 6 years old– born in 2010















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